Occupying families and evictees block the Première at the Teatro Regio in Turin


Occupying families and evictees block the Première at the Teatro Regio in Turin

The families took advantage of the big participation and of the media attention that this event has always been enjoying, in order to break the image of the "showcase city", made of big events, openings and massive speculations that the local administration has been building and proposing again for years, and to have everyone's eyes on the real issues in Piedmont's regional capitol - being those costantly removed and ignored by the council's political agenda and by media coverage, with the housing issue above all. "Nella città vetrina noi veniamo prima. #SenzaCasaNonSOStare" ("In the showcase city we come first. I cannot stay without a house") - as the banner that was opened during the initiative red.

Upon the arrival of the occupying families and evictees (a total of 150 people) the antiriot police was immediately deployed in order to secure the event, nonetheless the group managed to stand in front of the theatre's main entrance, actually blocking access to it with placards, banners, speeches and music. During the speeches was not only raised the problem of housing emergency (with Turin detaining the sad record of evictions being carried out nationwide); but also the many other daily grievances of the city, from labour to access to essential services as healtcare. The show-business workers were also present, joining the initiative for the housing right and protesting against the cuts to the cultural sector.

Before the start of the play one of the occupying families of the spazio popolare Neruda managed to gain access to the theatre stage, from which a statement was read, explaining the reasons of the protest of that evening. At the end of the intervention, the picket turned into a brief cortege around the theatre.

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