#NoG20 Hamburg: support the comrades arrested


From the 6­th to the 8th July, in Hambug (Germany), took place an official meeting that involves twenty worldwide powers; such meeting is called G20. Before the beginning and also during of the official meeting, several activities were organized against the G20. The goal of such activities was to oppose and propose another vision of the world, less exclusive, unequal and exploiting than the world we are used to live in. During the days of the official meeting, many demonstrations and collective actions tried to block the official meeting. Hundreds of thousands people from all the Europe, but not only, met in Hamburg and took the streets. The great amount of people and the successful block of some parts of the city, created some difficulties to the logistic part of the G20 meeting, so that German authorities used a great amount of police forces to manage the situation; during the last days of the official meeting, they also called the army. The goal of German authorities was to stop and suppress any kind of dissent, with any mean. In fact, German police searched protesters in each corner of the city: along streets, parks, bars, camping. Many people were arrested without any plausible reason: it was enough to speak in Italian, French or Spanish to be arrested. Nothing else.

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During such "manhunt/womenhunt", two guys from Catania, Alessandro and Orazio, were arrested with other foreigners. The detention has been confirmed for both them and also three other Italian guys, an Italian girl and tens of foreigners. They have to stay in jail, in Hamburg, till the begging of the process, but we still don’t know when it will begin and the exact alleged crimes. We also asked to a judge to let Alessando and Orazio go out from the jail and come back in Italy, but the judge confirmed the detention again few days ago.

Such detentions for us are unfair. The only logic that we find under such inveterate repression has not a legal nature but a politic one. The G20 meeting has been disturbed, slowed down, dishonoured by a huge participation at demonstrations against it. Such detentions are the signs that a system has been put in crisis, , taken aback, challenged in full chest and, in part, cracked.

Want we want right now is to guarantee to all arrested comrades and to Alessandro and Orazio the full support and solidarity, that can be manifested in many ways, among which the economic one. In fact, some legal costs have to be payed. Moreover, we want that Alessando and Orazio feel though and surrounded by our solidarity. We would like to guarantee to Alessandro's family and Orazio's family the possibility to see them, by paying them the airline tickets periodically, in order to meet guys in jail. We ask all an economic donation to sustain Alessandro and Orazio, in order to pay legal bills and sustain their families also. We do not know how much time they will spend in Billwerder jail, in Hamburg. That's why we ask for the maximum support.
What we think is that repression does not win until solidarity is alive, active, and surround who is targeted from it. Who has comrades is never ever alone.


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