More than 15000 people attend No Tav march: it is impossible to stop us!


Last saturday, under a pouring rain,  a grand demonstration marched from Bussoleno to San Didero, showing once again what the No Tav people is made of.

Being more than 15000 (4000 for the Police Department, of course) we brought forth a march that once again reaffirmed the slogan of the call ”We were, we still are and we will forever be there” and today we actually demonstrated it.

In spite of the premises for a big march, the relentless rain there since the early morning worried us until, with that strength and that magic we showed so many times, the state road between the two towns was filled to the brim.

Many people from Val Susa, entire families, strollers, youth and elder, but also all the mayors of our municipalities, Turin's vice-mayor, a city councilwoman from Naples, other administrators of earthquake-stricken areas and many committees from all over Italy, made this demonstration a veritable success.

We experienced, by debating among ourselves, the rationale behind spending public money on an unnecessary and devastating work, taking them off really useful things: in particular, the accounts by the mothers of the “terra dei fuochi” [an area in the Campania region that is littered with toxic waste - TN]. There the remediations are not carried out because of lack of funding and will, here in the valley a pointless hole siphons off more public money than an annual budget law.

 The territories hit by the earthquake have to be rebuilt, and a fair share of our country has to be secured – yet, a police army defends that lousy construction yard, a veritable devastation in comparison to what was being said.

The No Tap [opposing a gas pipeline project in the Adriatic sea -TN] came from the Salento territories, finding here a struggling community that welcomed them with open hands, recognizing in them the origins of our movement.

And also the No Grandi Navi activists [who oppose the presence of massive cruise ships in Venice, threatening local ecosystem - TN], the ones against the Piana delle nocività di Firenze [opposing incinerators and waste there - TN], our No Terzo Valico friends [who promote a struggle against a similar high speed railway project in the area between Alessandria and Genoa - TN]; the youth from Cagliari that struggle against military bases in Sardinia and many others. All united by the same will to take care of their territory, their current condition and the future of everybody.

And we did it, brought forth an important day, that not only enabled us to find much in common between ourselves, but also gave us the right mood to continue this battle with determination and a big smile, in spite of those who describe us as a scant  group of activists by now.

The demonstration ended with a grand solidarity Amatriciana pasta, that was cooked by the BSA and by the notav, whose proceeds will be donated to support people affected by the earthquake.
Another step beyond of a movement which is not able to give up or surrender, but that is ready to relaunch forward a clear program of resistance and struggle.

Come on No Tav! It is impossible to stop us!

More than 15000 people attend No Tav march: it is impossible to stop us!

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