Demonstration against military bases in Sardinia on November 23


Demonstration against military bases in Sardinia on November 23

A FORAS is a Sardinian movement that carries the struggle against military occupation on and reorganizes itself about the same goals with renewed resolution. It reasserts NO to the WAR in all its forms and it works for the permanent closing down of all the military bases and of every activity connected to the chain of war in Sardinia. Moreover, it works both for the clearings of the land destroyed by decades of military trinings and for the return of the land to the local community.

A FORAS is a comprehensive movement which gathers organisations, associations, unions and citizens. It has neither leaders nor boards. All decisions are made during the General Assembly which takes place periodically and is open to everyone who shares the common purpose of the movement. Several study groups are already doing researches and taking into consideration alternative economic choices. They are also evaluating the relationships with the other movements in the rest of the world which struggle for the rights of freedom and self-determination.

The entrance to the range of Capo Frasca in September of 2014 and the interruption of military trainings in Teulada in November of 2015 revealed a mass participation of thousands of people of every age and origin and reached the goal. After this stage a rearrangement path started, which brought on an action of information and awareness in both Sardinian cities and small towns so far. To this activity also brought in schools and universities, General Assemblies and the A FORAS Camp in Lanusei followed, with the aim of rough out the features of the movement.

The next landmark will be the demonstration that will take place on Wednesday 23 November in Capo Frasca by the range of the Air Force, a key player in the intense training activities between October and December. The 6th flight formation will also train with Mk bombs in November by the range of Capo Frasca. These bombs, which are produced by RWM, the German factory in Domusnovas, are sold to Saudi Arabia and released over defenseless civilians in Yemen.

A Foras movement encourages everyone to join the demonstration for a mass participation made of as many people as possible. The meeting is on 23 November at 10am, leaving from the crossing between the SP65 and the little road coming from the bridge of Marceddì.
We demonstrate to say NO tho the war, to say STOP to the exploitation of Sardinia in producing and testing of weapons which poison the land. We demonstrate to obstruct the perfection of a machine which aims at striking civilians, hospitals and schools all over the world.


from: A Foras 2016

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