We said NO and we can not still get enough..for a spring of struggle!


We said NO and we can not still get enough..for a spring of struggle!

With Renzi being put aside, continuity with the former government is guaranteed not merely on a political level, but also by the pivotal character of some of its key members, like Poletti, Padoan, Boschi and Gentiloni himself [former ministers of Labour, Economy, Reforms and Foreign Affairs who retained their posts or got promoted - t.n.]. The Piano Casa, Buona Scuola, Sblocca Italia and Jobs Act laws are still being enforced - as trademark bills of the Renzi government, whose legacy we want to erase through social mobilization.

We face a government who allocates billions of euros in order to save banks while leaving to their own destiny the youth who live on voucher payments, who continues to finance great works without envisaging the restoration of basic living standards for the people stricken by earthquakes and rough weather, who devastates and pillages the territories without securing them instead.

We face a government that, as demonstrated by the character of Gentiloni itself, is completely subject to the European Union policies. And such policies envisage austerity, promote new unacceptable CIEs [Italian identification and expulsion centres for migrants - t.n.] and promise a devastating future for both people living within EU's militarized borders and legitimately trying to cross them, often at the price of their life.

On March 25 the European Union itself will bring its most important institutional representatives to Rome for a memorial ceremony for the 60th anniversary of the European Treaties - in a political context where as much intolerable sovereign-ists, reactionary and xenophobic drives go along with the powers that be of the continental financial elite.

That day, beyond its merely evocative character on a historical level, will be the showcase for European neoliberal institutions that are unreformable in form and substance.

On that day we want that bloc of "social NO", who expressed itself at the referendum, to bring with determination the voice of the many people that every day experience their wealth and decision-making power being dispossessed by the States and by the European governance.

Thus March 25 will have to be a radical day of struggle and conflict, a step able to empower that social bond and those common paths of struggle that are able to strengthen each other, in an open and inclusive process.

It will have to be like that starting from the energies of a youth subject that expressed a strong NO against the government, from the struggling territorial communities that share processes of autonomy, from the thousands of women that mobilize against male violence starting from questioning their own social role, from the migrants that suffer the abuses of the Bossi-Fini immigration law and of the sheltering business, and that are forced to experience on their own skin that regime of borders imposed by the European Union.

With the same spirit we welcome the call targeting the G7 summit scheduled in Taormina for next May 27 for protests; we will be partaking in the important woman March 8 global strike, called up in Italy by the "Non una di meno" network, we support the events of mobilization of the struggling farmlands' workers; as well as we want the month of mobilization launched by the Abitare nella Crisi housing rights network in March to bring back on the agenda the issue of resistance and attack against impoverishment processes.

..we are making our move from now!

January 22, 2017

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