Police round-ups kill a Senegalese worker in Rome


Police round-ups kill a Senegalese worker in Rome

In the early afternoon Magat - a 53-years old Senegalese worker - panic-striken, ran away. Pursued by some agents of Roma Capitale metropolitan police, they catched up with him, tripped him and let him fall down on the ground. As he fell, Magat hit his head and died in a pool of blood in via Beatrice Cenci, as his friends tell. After a few hours the rage of the Senegalese workers grew. As we write, the Tevere river promenade is blocked at via Arenula by about fifty youths, the brothers of Magat, workers being targeted by the round-up. Police is tense, deployed in anti-riot gear, and looks determined to remove the blockade and quell the just protest. There is a call to reach the blockade.

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