Giovedì 28 Novembre 2013 12:05

Social Log - the logistics of struggles - occupied in Bologna!

  • altAs the Bolognese autonomous movement is approaching an important day of struggle tomorrow, after the Taksim student house last month a new space is occupied today in Viale Masini 10/B - in the city downtown; to function as a hub of social conflicts and to organize desks to face the issues of housing shortage and of the high costs of public healthcare, transports and rents; and more in generale to tackle the policies of precarity and austerity.

    A public presentation assembly is scheduled for this afternoon at 6 pm, and a benefit event for the struggling logistics' workers of the Bolognese area will follow.


    As the leaflet distributed to the people after the occupation reads:

    In the downtown of Bologna there is a new place at the disposal of the last, of the exploited, of those despised and unjustly hit by the crisis.

    As occupiers of Social Log we want to inform everyone that a new place, to bring one's own problems and collectively find a way to solve them through struggle, now exists!

    Social Log is the logistics of the struggle!

    We do not want to face the suffering produced by poverty on our own, we want to build a space of mutual counseling and dialogue. The high cost of public healthcare cannot be faced by banging your head on a wall because of your empty wallet. The high cost of rents cannot be a woe, to be experienced without the confidence to be able to turn the tide, anymore!

    Therefore, let's open up a space to organize together the struggles that shake the city of Bologna. We want to open desks to debate and organize struggles against the high costs of living, transports, healthcare, culture and, above all, rent; as this last issue is one of the most urgent to face in our city. We will oppose evictions and we will not let anyone to be left without a home because of the crisis in this icy winter of poverty.

    Against the gangs of corrupt ones that rule on us, we will oppose the resoluteness of an squatter in front of an eviction attempt, of a struggling worker which has been unjustly sacked after standing up defiantly, of a struggling student for a worthy and adequate schooling.

    Together, united, we can set up new social struggles that, starting out from the issues of housing, healthcare, education and access to city and culture, can strongly raise that of public expenditure. Enough with public money spent on great works and events unnecessary for society, as the TAV, People Mover and Fico projects!

    Enough with public money spent on the limousine cars of the crooks that decide on our lives in parliament or in the regional council! Public money has to be spent in order to secure a respectable life for everyone! The loaders of Social Log are going to work for just one big endeavor: HOUSE-INCOME-DIGNITY for everyone!

    Every tuesday and thursday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. we will host a desk against evictions and for housing rights. We are already building up desks, to be opened in the next days, about high costs of public healthcare, transports, culture - together with the precarious operators and workers of these sectors - to organize ourselves against precarity!

    Social Log Viale Masini 10/B

    Come and visit us!