Venerdì 17 Marzo 2017 09:15

March 16, 2003: Dax Odia Ancora!

  • altIn the night between March 16 and 17, 2003, Davide “Dax” Cesare walks out of a bar of the Ticinese area in Milan - close to the O.R.So. Social Centre together with some comrades. Outside, waiting for them, stands a couple of neofascists armed with knives and backed by a third older fellow. It will be later discovered that the two are brothers, and that the third one is their father. The neofascist assault is swift and particularly violent. Many stabs are inflicted in vital points: Dax won't make it alive to the hospital; other two youth are wounded (one of them in a serious way).

    Dax is a militant of the O.R.So. social centre, he is 26 and has a daughter. Many police and carabinieri squads are the first to reach the place and will contribute to delaying assistance, by obstructing passage in the street.

    Davide and two comrades are eventually brought to the San Paolo hospital Emergency Room where, besides the news about the death of Dax, people bear witness to a police rampage that night. Actually, the friends and comrades who gathered close to the Emergency Room are fiercely charged by the police all the way to the hospital with savage assaults and manhunt at the usual cry of "bastard communists". The reason is clear: Milan's Police Department immediately tried to stop any reaction by the comrades.

    In the end, the last abomination: the lies that newspaper and press agencies publish from the day after, presenting the assault as a "gang brawl" and the beating of the youth at the San Paolo hospital as a justified reaction of the security forces against the excesses of the comrades - who, according to what the Police Commissioner declared "wanted to carry away the corpse of their friend". The witnesses at the hospital later debunked those earlier reconstructions, aimed to cover the Police Department behaviour.

    Needless to say, no policeman involved was ever convicted.