Martedì 03 Novembre 2015 18:15

Trident Juncture: Militants clash with police at the Teulada shooting range

  • alt3.15pm. At least 20 demonstrators managed to cut the fences down and break into the shooting range! Other groups are following them. The military exercise is halted! The bigger part of the demonstration remains blocked on the asphalt road, while police is massively deployed at the dirt crossroads.

    3.00pm. Some groups proceed towards the shooting range, a big one stays in the dirt road while another one stands still on the asphalt road. Police is having a hard time in controlling the situation.

    2.45pm. The march strays on a dirt road before the Porto Pino crossroads at the Is Brebeis area along the pond. A most nervous police charges at the rear. Tear gas being thrown, the demonstrators resist. Several are wounded. Now the march is broken. The deputy police commissioner Rossi, who is out of control, yells and threatens arrests, but the demonstrators do not give up and proceed.


    More than 600 demonstrators from all over Sardinia reached Porto Pino in order to march towards the Teulada military shooting range; their goal: to show aversion, disturbing and preventing the biggest NATO military exercise of the latest years, the Trident Juncture. The great march in Cagliari last saturday revamped already this important event that has been putting on alert the police apparata which tried by all their means to create a mood of tension and intimidation around the demonstration. Two days ago the Police Department declared through the media that the march would not be allowed and in the previous days 20 fogli di via from the Sant'Anna Arresi and Teulada municipalities were notified to as many comrades that publicly declared with determination that they were still going to Teulada.

    An impressive deployment of more than 100 police agents guards the perimeter of the shooting range on the Porto Pino beach. There is also a massive presence of police and carabinieri roadblocks at the accesses of Porto Pino's first beach, the meeting point of the demonstration going to the shooting range. Entry to the whole beach is forbidden. The first buses arriving in Porto Pino were halted and searched with an unreasonably long operation, like an actual checkpoint. Several comrades with the foglio di via were identified and brought away by the carabinieri and now are detained at the police barracks of the nearby town of Giba. Three buses that were halted at the Sant'Anna Arresi, Teulada and Is Domus crossroads, that had been trapped for two hours, have been approached by the demonstrators that managed to gather at the first beach's parking lot. Now a single cortege grouped at the Is Pillonis area and turns back towards Porto Pino. Several police roadblocks were ouflanked, the demonstration ban is broken. While the march advances, the roars of the military operation at the nearby shooting range are clearly heard.


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